StudentNext TOEFL Features

  • Genuine Content

    StudentNext TOEFL practice test comprises of more than 500 questions, which are as good as the real TOEFL test.

  • Timer Based Test

    Students have to finish the test in the stipulated time like the real TOEFL test. This helps the test taker to perform well and increase the score.

  • Real TOEFL Simulation

    StudentNext TOEFL simulates the real TOEFL test, to help you understand how the real test works.

  • Instant Result

    The test taker will get the result for reading and listening sections, as well as an option to self-evaluate speaking section, which helps you to aware of the weak points and improve further.

  • No Repetition

    The experts review the essays written by the test taker.

  • Our Score

    The evaluation of the performance by the test taker happens as it is evaluated by ETS on a scale of 0 to 120.


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  • What is the Cost?
  • Can I change the Centre?
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Perfect your skills with StudentNext TOEFL


  • Genuine Content
  • Real-time mock test
  • NO Repetition of Questions
  • Expert Review and Step by Step Explanation
  • Comprehensive Performance Analysis Report
  • Score as per ETS Standards
  • Review of essays in the Writing section by qualified faculties within defined SLA
  • Best Price

    StudentNext TOEFL Test

  • Up to $ 40.00

    Kaplan TOEFL

  • $ 495.00

    (As an addon with in class training)

    Princeton TOEFL

  • $ 106.00

    Barron`s TOEFL

  • $ 21.90

    (As an addon with in class training)

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