SAT Sections

The SAT is set out in three sections and within each of these there are a variety of different ways that questions have to be answered. StudentNext helps the test takers for the SAT preparation by providing SAT full length practice test.

The first SAT section is concerned with critical reading and is itself sorted out into a couple of sections. There are 67 multiple choice questions that have to be answered. There is 70 minutes given to this section of the SAT. There are a number of passages that have to be read before the questions can be answered. Sentences will also have to be completed and this is to ensure that the candidate taking the SAT understands how to put sentences together. Diction and vocabulary are also part of the SAT.

Math is also tested for a period of 70 minutes and for this part of the SAT there are 54 questions. 44 of these are multiple-choice, and the remaining 10 are grid in. There are three sections to this section of the SAT and 2 will take 25 minutes to answer and the remaining one just 20 minutes. It will be algebra I and II, geometry and arithmetic so it is clear that the SAT math section covers a wide range of the subject.

Writing is the final part of the SAT and this part is going to last an hour. There are 49 multiple-choice questions and like the other parts of the SAT is split into three parts. There is a 25 minute section, one 10 minute section and a 25 minute part where an essay needs to be written. The purpose of this part of the SAT is to see if the candidate is able to identify areas where there have been deliberate mistakes made, and if the candidate is able to improve paragraphs and sentences.

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