GRE Sections

There are three sections in GRE and each one will test a specific area of the knowledge of the applicant. There is an analytical writing section, a quantitative section and a verbal section and the candidate has three hours and forty five minutes to complete it. It is classed as a CAT which stands for computer adaptive test.

Analytical Writing Section

This section requires two essays to be written and each one is expected to take in the region of 30 minutes. One essay is an issue essay and the second for the argument essay. The idea of these essays will be to show that the candidate is able to put across ideas that are complex in a short and easy to understand way. They will also have to use evidence to support any points that they make and show a high degree of logic when constructing the piece of work. Clearly there has to be a high level of accurately written English used when putting across the arguments.

GRE Quantitative Section

This section is split into another 2 sections and there are around 20 questions in each one. It is expected that each section will take around 35 minutes to complete and the questions will cover arithmetic, algebra and geometry along with quantitative comparison and problem solving.

Verbal Section

Again this is spilt into 2 parts and each one will last around 30 minutes. There are 20 questions in each section and they are based around text completion, reading comprehension and sentence equivalence.

There are online revised GRE practice tests that will allow you to see what is involved and get an idea as to whether or not you are ready to sit the real thing.

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