Germany Visa Process

Required Documents:

  • Students must possess a passport valid for the entire period of their proposed stay in Germany
  • Students must present their notification of admission to a German higher education institution or preparatory course (Studienkolleg).
  • Students must prove that he/she have sufficient financial means at their disposal. Further information is available from the German diplomatic representation in student's home country.

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After Visa Approval

  • On entering the country, a residence permit will be granted to the foreign student. The period of validity of the residence permit when first issued and when extended is a minimum of one year, and should not exceed two years.
  • Proof of skills in the language of training is necessary in principal, but will not be required if the relevant language skills have already been taken into consideration on admission or will be acquired by taking courses to prepare for the main course of study.
  • It is permitted to undertake work for a maximum of 120 days or 240 half-days per year as is undertaking part-time student work (sec. 16, subs. 3 of the Residence Act).
  • If a student to whom a residence title has been granted by another EU Member State for the purpose of studying, falls under the scope of the European Directive on the conditions of admission of third-country nationals for the purposes of studies, a residence title for the purpose of studying shall be granted under certain conditions (see sec. 16, subs. 6 of the Residence Act) if the student wishes to complete part of his course at a training institution in Germany.
  • On successfully completing the course, the residence title can be extended to up to a year to enable the student to look for an appropriate job.

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