Do's and Don’ts of SAT

Firstly the do’s of the SAT

Make sure that you know the way the SAT test is going to be scored. That way you can be sure to concentrate on the parts you know best and will give you the best score. Allow yourself enough time to do each section justice.

It may seem an obvious do, but make sure you know where you have to be and when. It is not good turning up the day after the SAT exam took place. Also make sure you know the building well in case you need a bathroom break.

Do eat properly before you leave to take the SAT exam and make sure you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.

Be sure to read the questions on the SAT exam carefully. It is no good giving a great answer if it to a question that does not appear on the SAT paper.

Leave time to check what you have done. You could pick up more marks by checking and changing answers rather than struggling through part of the SAT you find difficult.

When doing the multiple-choice part of the SAT exam, try and answer without looking at the answer. That way you are more likely to be right than if you had looked and got a vague idea of what the answer should be.

Although not always the case, if there are two answers in the multiple-choice section of the SAT it is likely that one of them will be the correct answer. Still check, but remember this is often the case.

Next the Don’ts of the SAT exam

Don’t arrive flustered and not prepared. You should get a good night’s sleep the night before you take the SAT.

Don’t let yourself get distracted by what is happening around you. If your seat looks out onto the road, ask if you can move as it will be easy to keep looking at the world going by. This will not help your SAT score at all.

Don’t take any notice of what others are doing. If they leave after a short period of time when taking the SAT it does not mean they have finished and you have to rush.

Don’t take too long on each question as you could be missing answering SAT questions you know the answer to.

Don’t worry if there seems to be a lot of one letter used in the multiple-choice questions. There does not have to be the same number of each letter used for the right answers.

Don’t take random guesses if you don’t know an answer. With there being a small deduction for wrong answers on the SAT exam you should be more than 50% sure that you are right.

Don’t forget to check your answers

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