Do's and Don’ts of IELTS

The list of do’s and don’ts for the IELTS exam will not be exhaustive but here are some good suggestions.

When it comes to the things that you should not do on the IELTS :-

  • Words should not be shortened, so it is going to be best to write do not or is not rather than the shortened version.
  • Words should not be broken up. If there is not enough room at the end of a line leave a gap and go onto the next one.
  • Bullet points should be omitted –they are not suitable for the type of answers required for the IELTS exam.
  • Sentences should not begin with because, or, and or but – they are conjunctions and it is not appropriate on the IELTS exam.
  • Do not write one big block, but remember to use paragraphs.
  • Time is short with the IELTS exam so do not waste it by doing things such as writing out the question.
  • Do not use clichés unless there is a definite need for them.
  • Don’t waste time reading and re reading a question you can’t answer – go to one you can.
  • If you don’t know guess when taking the IELTS exam – it may not be totally right but you could get something for it.

You should always remember to :-

  • Always take enough pens or pencils along with other equipment you may need to the IELTS exam.
  • Ensure you write neatly and legibly throughout the IELTS exam.
  • Remember punctuation and when to use capital letters
  • Remember paragraphs for each section of the IELTS exam.
  • Work out how many lines your writing takes to produce 150 or 250 words- you won’t have to count every time you add a word or two.
  • It is worth going straight to part 2 of the IELTS as there is the chance to get more marks.
  • Don’t rush answers, but take a little time to decide what you will write.
  • Try to get a rapport with the IELTS interviewer when speaking and try to judge if they believe you have said enough.
  • Give yourself a few seconds to decide what will be the most interesting subject to discuss.
  • Before the IELTS exam practice what you can see in the minute you will be given.

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