Do's and Don’ts Of GRE

Apart from the obvious don’t cheat and do try your best, there are a number of other things to be learned that you should or should not do when taking the GRE.

When completing the analytical writing section :-

  • Don’t rush into answering, but work out exactly what the examiner is asking.
  • Remember there is a time limit so aim for a happy medium.
  • Try and give your opinion as well as filling in the facts.
  • Make sure the information given valid.
  • Do make sure you can fully justify the answers given.
  • Do give enough detail, but don’t pad out the answers.
  • Give examples whenever possible.
  • Give both sides of an argument where possible.

Argument Task

  • Analyze everything that you read.
  • Do try and work out what information the questioners want.
  • See both sides and put them even if you just agree with one.
  • Don’t miss out anything even of you think it is just a small point.

GRE Verbal and Quantitative Sections

  • Before sitting the exam go for GRE practice papers as much as possible, check time for each question and check clock regularly.
  • Read the questions fully before answering.
  • Work out the answer format required.
  • If online make sure you mark questions you want to go back to.
  • Check all answers before submitting.
  • Try to answer all questions but don’t waste time if you really are stuck on one.


  • Don’t quit too early as you cannot go back in to complete.
  • Do take the test again as soon as possible if you do quit early.
  • See both sides and put them even if you just agree with one.
  • Do make sure you know how you will be marked. Your score can change significantly if you answer in the wrong order or concentrate on lower scoring ones.

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