New Zealand Visa Process

Applying for a Student Visa

The application process below is for people who want to apply for a student visa. This may include people who want to travel to New Zealand to study, people who want to stay temporarily in New Zealand to study, and people already here on other types of temporary entry class visas who want to study in New Zealand full time.

The application steps

If you hold a temporary visa that is valid for 24 months or more, you can study one or more courses for up to three months in total in each 12-month period.

1. Complete the form

Print and complete the form Student Visa Application (INZ 1012) PDF. Also available is the Student Visa Guide (INZ 1013) PDF, which will assist you in applying. If you cannot print the form and guide, they are available from your nearest Immigration New Zealand branch.

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Visa guide

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Visa application PDF

2. Make sure you submit everything we require, including the fee

Along with your completed (and signed) application form you will also need to provide all the information listed at the back of the application form and the correct fee. If you do not submit the required information with your application we cannot accept it for processing.

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3. Make sure you meet our health requirements

What you have to provide us with depends on whether you are a domestic student or a foreign fee-paying student and how long you will be staying in New Zealand.

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4. Foreign fee paying student

You don't need to provide a medical certificate unless the Student Visa Application (INZ 1012) PDF or Student Visa Guide (INZ 1013) PDF indicates that you should. You may need to provide a Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) PDF if you will be in New Zealand for more than six months to show you have been screened for tuberculosis (TB).

5. Insurance

You are required to hold acceptable insurance as a condition of your visa regardless of the length of your stay in New Zealand.

6. Domestic student

If you are studying in New Zealand for between six months and one year you may need to provide a completed Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) PDF to show you have been screened for TB. If you are studying in New Zealand for more than one year you must provide a medical certificate and a Chest X-ray Certificate (INZ 1096) PDF.

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Need further information about health or insurance requirements for students?

For full details on our health requirements, see the Health Requirements Leaflet (INZ 1121) PDF and the Student Visa Guide (INZ 1013) PDF.

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7. Make sure you meet our character requirements

If you are studying in New Zealand for more than two years you will also have to provide a police certificate, less than six months old, from your country of citizenship and from any country in which you have lived for five or more years since reaching 17 years of age.

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8. Lodge your application

  • Outside New Zealand

If you are applying from outside of New Zealand, your application must be made and approved before you are able to travel to New Zealand. Find out where to send your application.


  • Inside New Zealand

If you are in New Zealand, please send your student application direct to:

Address :
Student Processing Unit
Immigration New Zealand
PO Box 1049
Palmerston North 4440

Student applications may also be placed in the branch student drop box (Auckland Branches only) and will be forwarded to the Student Processing Unit in Palmerston North.

If your education provider is certified with Students Online you can make your application at your nearest certified educational institute. If you're studying with any education providers, they will be able to process your student visa on campus.

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9. Finance Required

A financial undertaking can be provided by a third party. If the third party is a natural person, they must be a relative or a friend of the applicant. If the third party is not a natural person, they must nominate an individual as an authorized contact.

10. Evidence you must provide

You must provide:

  • evidence of your relationship with the student
  • evidence that you have sufficient funds for maintenance, outward travel and maternity health services (if required) for the student you wish to support for the duration of their intended stay in New Zealand, and
  • a copy of the identity page(s) of your passport or an identity document.
  • Evidence of funds can be bank statements (original, or certified copies for the previous six months), or have your bank complete ‘Section E: Bank confirmation'.
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