New Zealand Visa Process

Application Fees :

The fee you pay normally depends on your country of citizenship. However, if you are lodging an application while you are in New Zealand you will pay the equivalent fee in Band A.

Note: In the case of applications from citizens of French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia, Norfolk Islands, and Palau, the fee band will differ for some application types.

See the office and fees finder at for further information.

Receiving office

The relevant receiving office is the location of the INZ office that is responsible for processing your application.

See the office and fees finder at for further information.

Documents Required

  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • Valid passport.
  • A completed current Student Visa Application PDF (INZ 1012) [613KB].
  • The Correct application fees (via credit card or bank cheque).
  • Academic transcripts (which show your grades) and attendance reports of prior study in New Zealand.
  • Evidence of an offer of a place. funds (if this is in the form of a bank statement please ensure it is dated after your fees have been paid and include evidence of any large deposits).
  • Evidence of outward travel.
  • Full medical certificate and police certificates.
  • A statement from your education provider confirming your accommodation is compliant with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (for applicants under 18 years only).
  • Fee receipt showing paid-to date.
  • Evidence of having sufficient funds
  • Evidence of enrolment and of payment of course fees.
  • Completed a TB clearance or medical and x-ray forms and police certificates (if required).
  • Evidence for Parent or guardian has applied for a visitor visa (guardians of students) if applicable.
  • Copy of a guarantee of accommodation

Processing Time

  • After your Application is successfully submitted with all required documents, can expect to receive and email or text acknowledgement that their completed application has been received, as long as they have provided a valid email address or cell phone number with their application.
  • Palmerston North Branch expects to process 80% of student visas within 25 days for the period February to June. Our actual processing times will be published on this page and updated monthly.
  • If there has been no contact within 30 days, applicants and education providers should make contact using the following email addresses:
  • Education Providers querying manual applications:
  • Education Providers querying Students Online applications:
  • Applicants querying individual applications:


For all other required information please do visit