What is SAT

When colleges are trying to decide which students they should offer a place to, SAT is one of the qualifications that will help them decide. This is an ideal way for them to determine how successful the candidate has been in their studies so far. As the SAT dates back to 1926, most colleges must be convinced that it is going to provide them with the standard of student they want. It is set out in such a way that it is able to show how well a student has taken in what they have been taught so far and whether or not they have the mindset that is going to make them a success in college.

There are seven options to take the SAT in the United States and also six times when it comes to international sites. It takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to complete –or at least that is how long you will be given to sit it. If you run out of time the unanswered questions will just not provide you with any points. There are 10 sections in the SAT and they are spread out so as three sections cover mathematics and will last 70 minutes, three sections cover reading and also lasts 70 minutes and finally three testing writing that takes 60 minutes. There is also a section of the SAT that is not scored and that can cover any section and lasts 25 minutes.

SAT online practice test questions are set out in one of three ways and it is made very clear how they have to be answered. One set in multiple-choice, the mathematics section requires the student to provide the one answer and there is one essay.

Many people wonder if there is any point to sitting the SAT and are unaware of what it will offer in the future. Firstly it will be accepted by all colleges and they will take it as an accurate view of the educational level that has been reached. When used with GPAs, it means that a college will be able to compare the abilities of students are be accurate in their findings. Having the SAT means that it will be easier to get access to a scholarship and even without all of these, most colleges will not take a student of they have not passed the SAT or a test like it, so why not make it the SAT. Finally when the test has been taken this is the one that will give the student the most useful feedback regarding how they have done. If the SAT has been passed it can take out the need for the student to take a written assessment as this will count.

There are fears that the SAT is difficult and it is to a degree as that is the point of it. Most students will manage 50% to 60% accuracy and it is accepted that the timescale is correct, while 80% do manage to finish the online SAT preparation course.

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