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Understanding how important education is can be the first rung on the ladder to success. When you read the information provided by the Bureau of Labor you will see that there is a great difference between the opportunities and wages of someone who has a degree and someone who does not. You will get a good start on that journey of you take the GRE.

This may not be the test that everyone needs to take, but if you are planning to go to Business school or graduate school, it is the one you should be taking. It will be easy to find somewhere to take the test as there are 700 centers in the world, and it can be taken on a computer or as a written test. There are variations of the test and it has to be the one appropriate for your subject that you sit. As it can take up to 3 and half hours or more to complete, you need to allow plenty of time.


Tests have been carried out on the GRE test and it has been agreed that the results given are an accurate demonstration of the ability of the pupil. It measures the correct skills meaning that a student will not be given a score they do not deserve. Only appropriate content will be put forward and questions are posed in a way that will be fair to the applicant but also ensure that they have to answer fully. There is only so much that the testers can do to make sure that the test is valid without the input from the colleges that students go to. They are the people who decide what the standards need to be, and if they are happy that the students that attend their institution have taken the GRE are of the level expected, then it can be seen that the test is valid and fit for purpose. While there are no complaints the internal checks and balances that have been applied appear to be satisfactory.


One of the great advantages of GRE is that you are able to take it more than once and only the best scores will be shown to the schools you are applying to. Thanks to this Score Select option, you get a second chance if you were not at your best on the day you first sat the test. There is also another feature that makes this an ideal test to take and that is that you are given the chance to answer questions as you want, and also make alterations to your initial answers. Not everyone is confident taking the same type of test and this makes it easier for all takers.

Once you have the score, you can use it for up to 5 years, so you will have plenty of time to decide what you want to do. It is possible to retake every three weeks until you have taken it 5 times, but after that you do need to wait to have another try.

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